Tips for a Hygge Home This Winter

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One of the best things 2016 gave me was the concept of Hygge, specifically a hygge home in the winter! If you are unfamiliar with the subject, hygge is a Danish word that does not have a direct English translation but roughly we can say that it is similar to our word “cozy”.

Combat those winter blues with creating a hygge home! #hygge #winter |

Picture this: it’s a cold winter night, the snow is coming down hard.

Each fluffy snowflake twinkling in the streetlights before it softly lands on the ground, forming with the piles of snow lining the streets.

Inside, there’s you and your loved ones. It’s warm and cozy, a direct opposite to the winter wonderland you spot outside, but you can appreciate this.

Next to you is a roaring, crackling fire. The room smells like warm cinnamon goodness as you sip your hot tea.

Your friends are gathered around the table, leaning in close, knees knocking together as your partner rounds up their story with the last turn. A burst of laughter swells inside you as your partner calls out, “She didn’t even notice! And there I was—”

Everyone laughs. You feel a warm sense of belonging and happiness with this gathered group, here in this cozy room on this beautiful night.

This is your hygge moment.

It’s those kinds of moments anyone dwelling in the cold regions of the Northern Hemisphere needs to continue on in the long, cold nights of winter. Winter is hard, but having hygge moments make it bearable.

So how do you create your hygge moments? How do you make your place a hygge home this winter?

Create a hygge home to survive the winter blues. Surviving winter has never been cozy! #hygge

Nothing says Hygge like candlelight

Candles are a great way to create a sense of coziness and warmth in any space. Soft flickering lights make everything feel easier and more intimate.

For us apartment dwellers, candles are a must! Unless you are one of the lucky few to have your own working fireplace to cozy up next to. In that case, scooch on over and let me take a seat next to that crackling fire!

My all-time favorite type of candle to burn for my hygge moments is a wood-wick candle! Warm light, sweet scents and the sound of crackling. Yes, yes and double-yes.

The one I’m burning right now is Black Sandalwood by Manly Indulgence, it’s a soy candle and I’m completely obsessed with it.

Background Music

Putting on some great tunes is always a pleasure.

One of my favorite routines is to listen to some great jazz while my husband and I sit down to eat together. Morning or night, it always makes the experiencing of eating together even better!

There’s nothing like warm music to create the mood in a hygge home.

When winter comes so does the winter blues. Combat those bad feelings by creating the perfect hygge home! #hygge #winter |

Warm Food

Speaking of food, what is more hygge than warm homemade soup in the middle of winter! Delicious and easy, I am all on board for making soup during the winter.

My best tip is to invest in a Crockpot. That way you can prep all your food on one day, then on the day, you’re ready to eat, throw it all together in the crockpot and let it slow cook throughout the day. So by the time you get home from work, you get to come home to a delicious home-cooked meal right away!

(Check out my round of up favorite soup and crockpot recipes here)

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks are a great way to make yourself slow down and enjoy the moment your in. Why?

Because you can’t drink them too fast! You have to sip them and let yourself enjoy that beverage, otherwise, you’ll end up with a burnt tongue and angry tastebuds!

So making yourself a cup of hot tea, or coffee, or steamed milk or hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat, can be a great way to get into the hygge mood.

Delicious Scents

Just being in a room with a delightful, warm scent can elevate your whole experience of being in that space! Certain scents can trigger happy childhood memories, or bring your body to unconsciously relax.

Aromatherapy is a whole study of scents and their benefits!

But making your space smell great doesn’t have to be hard. You can easily bring in the cozy smells by lighting a candle, using an oil diffuser, or just leave it up to the work of cooking or baking!

Enjoy the company of Others

While you can enjoy hygge alone, there’s also space to create a gathering of loved ones. Usually, hygge social situations are small and intimate. The perfect kind of social situations for us introverts!

Maybe you’re all sitting around talking and laughing, or maybe you’ve all gathered together just to enjoy being together. No one said you need to be participating in the same activity to enjoy a hygge social group. If you’re not up for a night of socializing, try grabbing some friends and your favorite books and enjoy spending time all reading together in the same room.

The most hygge gathering for me is ones where we all enjoy activities we would usually do alone, but in a space together.

How do you hygge?

Hygge is a different experience for different people. For some it’s the cozy atmosphere that the Danish have perfected; for others, it the softly lit rooms and being in a group of liked minded people. Any way you hygge, be sure you take a moment to appreciate. The winter season can seem like a long, harsh, grey, cold mess, but with a little bit of hygge, you can brighten your dull winter days.

So how do you hygge?







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