What to Do During Your Weekly Self Care Date At Home

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If you’ve ever experienced the horrors of burnout at work or in your personal life, you’re in great need of a self care date.

Learn how to plan a much needed self care date night at home for yourself! #selfcare #self-care | theoreticallyhome.com

Self care is something that is so easily overlooked. In a world were us millennials are constantly told how lazy we are, we can’t help but strive to prove the proverbial “them” wrong. And in doing so we work ourselves to the bone.

To keep yourself afloat in everyday life, whether that means grinding that 9-to-5 or running from class to class, you need to schedule some time for yourself.

Self care doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Save yourself your dollars and put away that Groupon for the spa. It’s time to spend some quality you time with you.

Learn how to make the most out of a well needed self care date. Planning time to take care of yourself is a necessary part of any millennial's busy schedule. #selfcare

Self Care Tip #1: Take a shower….or a bath

Just let yourself get clean. When you’re working all the time it can be hard to remember the last time you actually fully washed your hair. And that’s okay, it happens to the best of us.

But because this is your special time to dote on yourself, feel free to take your time. Enjoy breathing in the steam of the shower, use that hair mask your hairdresser friend snagged for you. Light some candles, put on some good music and enjoy being human.

Self Care Tip #2: Eat your heart out!

Okay, maybe don’t be that extreme. But treat yourself. Make yourself a real meal for once! How many times a week do we skip out on actually sitting our booties down and actually eating something that not only tastes wonderful but is good for our bodies?

Since it’s the middle of autumn, I am quite recently into soup. There’s something so hygge about sitting in your favorite place at home and sipping some soup. Luxurious warm smells, a plethora of delicious cooked vegetables. It’s the best of the best. Feeding your body and your soul!

Also, soup is crazy easy to make! As someone who could barely make a decent pasta up until this year, you’ve gotta trust me on this. Just find a recipe on Pinterest and throw it together in a crockpot. Set and forget it, by the time hunger creeps in the crock pot will have done all the cooking for you!

Self care tips and tricks for the millennial expierencing burn out. Take some time and watch your favorite show; for more tips check out the rest of this post! #selfcare

Self Care Tip #3: Indulge yourself in the little pleasures of life.

If your anything like me, you spend ages avoiding rewatching a tv show even though you’ve really been wanting to. It doesn’t feel productive, you’ve already seen it, so what’s the point? It’s just lost time, right?

Nope! Rewatching some of your favorite TV series or a favorite movie feels like getting tucked into bed and being read a bedtime story. You get to visit your favorite characters and moments and just enjoy yourself since you already know what happens. Sometimes I even find if it’s been years since I watched the show, I get different inspiration from it…and I understand the jokes better (here’s looking at you third time watching Sex and the City!)

On your self care date, you should just let yourself enjoy the things you enjoy. Don’t worry about wasting time, because you are making this time just for you.

Knitting is a great way to enjoy a much needed self care date. For more tips to the perfect self care day, check out this post. #selfcare

Self Care Tip #4: Get your creativity going!

I love to spend time crafting when I’m rewatching my favorite shows. It’s a fun time for me to get a little creativity out of my system. While I’m a blogger and a marketing coordinator, which are both very creative things already, I’m also an artist. So during my self care date time I try to stay away from photography or painting, things that will remind me of work. I just want to do something easy or maybe try something new!

So whether you want to play around with watercolors, finally try out knitting or crocheting, there’s always some fun type of creative activity you can do. Don’t worry about the outcome, just have fun in the process.

Self care date nights are the perfect way to getting back to a happier and healthier you! Schedule yourself a self care night with yourself with these great tips. #selfcare

Self Care Tip #5: Be kind to yourself.

This is the time where you can allow yourself to be gushy or woo-woo and cheer yourself on! Sit down and take out a journal or a notebook.

With your writing utensils in from of you, take a moment to sit back and think about the past week. What struggles did you overcome? What moments of joy happened? Did you do something that you were proud of?

Think about it and then write those things down! Whether it’s a quick jotted list or full-blown diary entry, just get your wins down onto paper.

Now think of the small things you did during the week. Did you wake up on time? Did you actually go to work or class? Did you remember to say thank you when someone held open a door for you? Did you remember to water your neglected plant?

So many times we forget to reward ourselves by thinking of small moments during the day as wins. But they so are! Write them down and give yourself a pat on the back. Because the only person who actually made you get up and go to work yesterday was actually you! And that’s a win.

Self Care Weekly

Congratulations on being a person, and even more so a person who takes the time for themselves. Being a human is hella hard. And even when it feels like we’re doing just fine, we need to sit back and remember to take care of ourselves. So whatever you do during your self care date, just make sure you’re making yourself feel good.

And remember to make time for your self care every week! Maybe a whole day or just an hour, whatever fits into your schedule. Make sure to make you a priority.

So what is your self care date routine? Any favorite me-time activities you practice? Let me know in the comments down below!







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