Modern Scandinavian Living Room Inspirations

Modern, Scandinavian Living Room Designs and how to incorporate those inspirations into your own home decor. #scandi #modernlivingroom |

Living Room Inspirations

Moving into a new space always feels like so many new possibilities. Big, bright bare walls and an expanse of the floor all for the taking.

…That is until you get into the space. Suddenly you realize nothing fits and you’re left feeling frustrated and near to giving up. I could always just keep my over-sized sectional and try to fit everything into one room. But really, where’s the innovation and fun in that?

If you love interior design but aren’t at all a designer, fret not. I have an entire series for you to get started on designing your dream space. Apartment-dwellers, house-havers and even dorm decorators can squeeze somehow to out of my series, starting here.

For those who like me, are out looking for inspiration, check out my inspiration board for my new living room!

The Style

I love, love, love clean modern style. I love Scandinavian rooms and mid-century modern spaces. I love minimalist apartments with lots of negative space. They make me want to breathe in deep and take in all the beauty and peace.

But those spaces are deceptively simple. Sometimes simple in practice, is harder than one would think. Simple spaces take time and intention. Which when I was younger, I thought I had none. But the truth is I think I have finally hit the place in my life where I’m ready for creating the space I’ve always wanted.

Modern Scandi Living Room Inspirations & How I Incorporate Them Into My Own Living Room |
via Daily Dream Decor

What I love about the space above it the drama of the height and the way the light bounces around the space.

Keeping the palette light and neutral allows for a calm and airy vibe. The way the art crawls up the wall brings you eye up, reaching the ceiling the trim at the tippy top of these massive walls.

Modern, minimalist living room inspiration, and how to implement them into your own living room. #moderndecor #minimalistdecor
via moderosaofficial on Instagram

This corner of a living room speaks to me. Another neutral palette with a more dramatic vibe.

Keeping the furniture and art low to the ground allows the space to feel more expansive. The living space is flanked by two larger, bulkier pieces mirroring each other in the square shape and white hues.

The rest of the furniture in the room doesn’t take up too much visual space due to use of thin legs, metallics, and glass. Then the whole space is tied together by the magnificent large plant in the corner.

This whole room just gives off a cool, easy vibe.

Art filled mid-century modern living room inspiration and how to implement the inspiration into your own space. #midcenturymodern #livingroominspiration
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This cozy living space feels so fresh and cool!

First, let’s talk about this furniture. Sexy and cozy, these pieces are truly a nordic meet mid-century modern vibe that I love.

The art is striking and I love how all the colors of the plants and the art tie together. What can I say I’m a sucker for a good gallery wall?

The palette of the room is actually based in neutral grey and wood. The pops of color are all additional and could be changed out at any point. The green from the plants and the artwork make the space feel alive! And the pink of the throw pillow and knit blanket feels very trendy and sexy.

Looking for inspiration for a modern, Scandinavian living room? Look no further, here is a top 5 list of living room inspo and how make that scandi vibe part of your own space! #scandidecor #scandilivingroom
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A cozy, fresh and natural vibe is so ultra cool. This room is wall to wall TEXTURE, and I am loving it!

The softness of the wool rug in a juxtaposition of the roughness of the wooden coffee table. Then the soft color of the light grey couch across from the sexy dark brown leather weaved chair.

I adore this space. It feels clean and comfortable.

Modern, cozy, minimalist, neutral living room space by Lulu and Georgia. Learn how to take these living room goals and use them in your own space! #livingroom #livingroominspiration
via Lulu & Georgia

This is one of those images I see all over Pinterest and always find myself pinning. I adore this space…of course I do. Low leggy furniture, fun patterns, and texture galore. It’s so, sooooo good.

The idea of poofs around a central coffee table for friends to gather around is fabulous. The color palette feels easy and calming, and so on trend.

How to Take Inspiration and Apply It

It’s one thing to gather all these images and think about how much I adore each of these spaces. But it’s a whole other thing to actually figure out how to incorporate the inspiration into my own apartment.

So I need to take the connecting thread between these images and figure it out!

White Walls

Clean, easy and the perfect neutral backdrop for any style. But not just white walls, but a cool tone or true white. No creams or warm-hued white for me! Thankfully I was blessed with a freshly painted apartment in a fantastic true white. Which saves me the work of painting it myself.

Yummy neutral furniture

Greys, blacks, whites, and the cozy feeling of natural fibers. The browns and tans of the wood are widely accepted as a neutral. Everything feels crisp and easy.


When using neutrals, the way to keep everything from feeling plain or boring is playing with textures. It’s the reason so many of us are so attracted to exposed brick walls, or wooden floor and don’t get me started on a great concrete surface.

The most important part of texture for me is playing with the contrast between other textures in the room. Pairing soft and rugged textures creates a playfulness that is interior design approved. It’s a key element in those oh-so-cozy Scandinavian living room designs!

Leggy furniture with clean lines

I love modern furniture. Clean lines just do it for me. Mix in some elevation and variation of level through the legs of modern furniture! It makes the space breathe better because it doesn’t block the eye from seeing through the whole room.

And as someone who has once lost the legs to a couch…it’s so much more comfortable to have your furniture lifted off the floor.


I swear they aren’t just some 2017 trend! Plants inside not only are beautiful but have health benefits. Cleaner air and a stunning organic pop of color; everyone could use some of that.

Through careful patience and the help guidance of the internet, I’m working on turning my black thumb green. So far so good, all my succulents have fared well in the past six months! Hopefully, as I range toward the larger leafy greens of my dreams I can keep up the good plant parenting!

Metallic Accents

Who doesn’t love some shiny, shiny goodness? Metallics look luxurious and expensive and they help throw light around the room with reflections. That sounds like a recipe of hell yes to me!


As an artist, I think it would be strange if I didn’t love having artwork in a space. As much as I love the look of clean walls there are so many pieces of artwork I’ve collected and coveted throughout the years that I don’t think I could live without it.

My only fear when it comes to displaying artwork is making the room feel too chaotic. But I believe that is something that with careful curation I can steer away from. Fingers crossed.

So…what about you?

How do you go about collecting inspiration? And more important, how do you incorporate your inspirations into your spaces?

If you love modern, minimal and Scandinavian living room design inspirations,  see more on my Pinterest board here!






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